Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Aspen, Colorado

It doesn’t take long for carpets and upholstery to become soiled with debris and other material which is brought indoors from the outside, and even if you’re vacuuming regularly, you usually can’t get the deep cleaning that will make your carpets and upholstery sparkle like when they were new. That kind of cleaning requires the professional equipment and the professional knowledge and skills of specialists who have performed the task many times in the past. If you want your carpets and upholstery to look like they were just installed as brand new household features, contact us so we can give them the professional cleaning they really need.

Carpet Cleaning in Aspen, Colorado

Whatever kinds of carpets you have in Aspen, Colorado, we will have had experience cleaning them and making them look their best. Contact us when you’d like an estimate of what it would cost to restore your carpets to their brand-new look.


Even if a carpet doesn’t look dirty or grimy, it can harbor microscopic organisms like bacteria, fungi, and dust mites which can impact the health of occupants. There can also be an odor associated with all these organisms which is evident to visitors, although full-time residents might not be as aware of it. This makes it important that your carpets receive a thorough cleaning at least every six months, so all this unwanted material can be removed, and so your carpets can have a clean-smelling, fresh appearance again.

Area Rugs

Depending on the size of your area rug, it may need to be either vacuumed or steam-cleaned, or both. Spots or stains that won’t come out by vacuuming will have to be steam-cleaned in order to remove the stains. When area rugs are reversible, both sides will have to be cleaned.

Steam Extractions

Steam extractions on rugs are capable of removing really tough stains, and they also provide a deep cleaning for the carpet. Steam extractions are performed with water heated to the boiling point, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so that even the most stubborn stains can be removed.

Neutral Clean-Rinse

A neutral clean-rinse involves the use of a concentrated synthetic detergent for cleaning your carpets, and this method is often used to remove difficult stains and spots which have become ingrained in the fibers.

Enzyme Treatments

Enzyme-based carpet cleaners make use of certain chemicals which are filled with bio-enzymes, which are extremely effective at eliminating odors and the bacteria which cause them.

Rug Wash Drop & Delivery

We can pick up any rugs you wish to have cleaned, and professionally treat them, before dropping them back off at your residence.

Upholstery Cleaning in Aspen, Colorado

Our specialists are second to none when it comes to cleaning your Aspen, Colorado upholstery. Contact us for an estimate if you’d like a thorough cleaning of your home’s upholstery.


This step removes all dried soil and other debris as a preliminary to other phases of the upholstery cleaning.

Hand Shampoo

A hand shampoo is necessary so that any kind of specific spots or stains which haven’t been removed earlier, can be eliminated by focused treatment.

Leather Clean & Condition

Since there are different types of leather, we use different processes to clean and condition your leather upholstery, and each method we use is specifically suited to your type of leather.

Hard & Micro-Suede

The tightly woven synthetic fibers of micro-suede call for a special cleaning technique, which we employ to ensure your upholstery retains its stain-resistant qualities.

Toxicity & Mold Removal in Aspen, Colorado

Toxicity and mold removal in Aspen, Colorado is important because those things can negatively impact your indoor air quality, and they can cause health problems, especially for anyone in your household with respiratory issues. We thoroughly remove all these harmful agents from your interior, so your air quality can be restored to healthful levels, and so your family can breathe easier.

Points of Interest & Activities in Aspen, Colorado

Anyone who already lives in Aspen, Colorado will be well aware of the area’s most interesting attractions, but visitors to the area may not know about some of the fascinating venues described below.

Maroon Bells

Just 10 miles west of Aspen, you’ll find one of the most photographed locales in the country, consisting of a mirror-quality lake surrounded by two beautiful snow-covered peaks, Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak.
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Independence Pass

This step removes all dried soil and other debris as a preliminary to other phases of the upholstery cleaning.
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The John Denver Sanctuary

This is a 4-acre sanctuary, dedicated to the memory of legendary Colorado singer John Denver, and it is designed to bring a little bit of peace and tranquility into the lives of everyone who visits.
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Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

Used for hiking, skiing, walking, and running, this scenic trail is nearly two miles long, and is a very popular recreational area from May through October.
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Rio Grande Trail

This step removes all dried soil and other debris as a preliminary to other phases of the upholstery cleaning.
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Crater Lake Trail

More than 90 miles of hiking trails are contained within this recreational area, and there are four different skill levels, so that everyone can be tested according to their relative abilities.
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Need Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning in Aspen, CO?

If you need your carpet or upholstery professionally cleaned so they look just like new, please contact us in Aspen, Colorado. You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see after our specialists apply modern cleaning techniques to your carpets and upholstery.

Aspen Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

If your question about carpet and upholstery cleaning does not appear among the FAQ’s below, feel free to contact Avalanche Carpet and we’ll be glad to answer your question.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Aspen?

The cost of carpet cleaning will depend on how many carpets in your home must be cleaned, as well as any area rugs you may need cleaned. Contact us for a quote which we can give you after we learn about your requirements.

How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost in Aspen?

The cost of upholstery cleaning will also depend on how many pieces of furniture you need cleaned, as well as the type of upholstery which must be treated. We can provide you with an estimate when you call us and explain exactly what you need done.

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in Aspen?

The cost of mold removal will be dependent upon how extensive the problem is in your home. We can provide you with an estimate after we’ve had a chance to inspect your premises and understand the severity of the issue.

Do You Serve Both Residential & Commercial Properties?

Yes, we serve both residential and commercial properties, so no job is too big or too small for us to take on.